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“SUPPORT THROUGH  Mirror Work” is the most powerful 1st-step you can take to reclaim Self-Love and to “get on your own team”.  If you want to experience The Universe, and others showing up for you, you must first show up for you. Cultivating a loving, nurturing & compassionate relationship with self is critical for successful thriving. 

I chose to do a deep dive into Mirror Work by Louise Hay ( ) because the relationship we have with Self and our Inner Child sets the stage for ALL relationships in our lives.  What goes on inside us is reflected, (mirrored) outside of us in all of our relationships. This is intended to be a course-correction-feedback-loop which no one gave us the instructions for, until now. When we show up for us, commit to us, and Love us, others are able to do so too.
This is for: Anyone struggling with never getting your needs met; Giving, giving, giving and never getting (otherwise known as over-giving or codependency); lack of Self-Love; ruthlessly criticizing self, and self-loathing; anyone engaging in addictions, self-sabotage, avoidance; or procrastination.
Working through this book is our first stepping stone to claiming a life worth living  When we show up for ourselves; have our own back; commit to ourselves; and love ourselves, others are able to do so too.
SUPPORT THROUGH Mirror Work  is a wonderful journey of reclaiming self, compassion for self, and self-love. I packed in all kinds of tools for self-regulation to support bringing down anxiety, overwhelm, agitation, avoidance, and many tips & encouragement for connecting with ourselves & for reclaiming our inner child.  With Louise Hay’s powerful and wise information, we can finally open our Hearts to self & our Inner Child, with love and compassion.
Join us now by purchasing this offering and let the magic begin!


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